Jul 2, 2007 so, can you use cast iron cookware on flat-top stoves without screwing using the cooktop cleaner is essential because it puts down a thin protective for anything stubborn all i need is a red scrubby pad (sold right next to cooktop cleaner) with a . is your stove top glass or an older pyroceram version.

Protective Pad Glass Top Stove Cast Iron
  I am renting and the stove is an electric glass top stove. i had an antique cast iron skillet that belonged to my grandmother and after using it on.

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nov 30, 2012 purchase special protective cooking pads for glass top stoves at kitchen stores for use with high-heat cookware like cast iron. mute the speaker.
Feb 1, 2010 we live in such an over-protective culture that we often throw the baby i can tell you that we use cast iron all the time on our glass top range. .. and hot pads) through the house to the front where i had cover from the rain.
This is a guide about using cast iron pan on glass top stoves. there are some restrictions noted for the types of cookware you can safely use on your glass top.

If you read the long ceramic cooktop thread, you will see how much i'm protective of it, and make sure there's never a chance of anything being dropped on it. is flat, can i use this on my glass top stove or cast iron is a no-no period. . the true steel wool pads will take the finish right off the ceramic top, kosher.


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